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In May 2018, Fund A Mom launched a guaranteed income program for single Moms and their children struggling to survive in the slums of Jaipur


Trackable Success:  After 3+ years of monthly support going directly into their individual bank accounts, our Moms and children are thriving.  The families eat better, the children have returned to school, overall health has improved, and our Moms are more happy and confident


Our guaranteed income program has managed to break the cycle of generational poverty as our Moms find their rightful economic autonomy and empowerment


Fund A Mom is the chance to create a new paradigm of power – one rooted in love, compassion, and the strength that comes when a community, a city, a country rise together


Generational well being is the true answer to the end of poverty and we are betting on the women of the world to lead


After years of experience in charitable giving, world renowned humanitarian Leigh Blake created Fund A Mom to demonstrate the power of direct support to Moms in need and to create autonomy and economic empowerment through the power of a Mothers love


Through Fame Currency, Leigh has been at the forefront of using innovation, media and notoriety to assist those most in need – creating, co-creating  and steering humanitarian organizations – Red Hot, Artists Against AIDS Worldwide, Keep a Child Alive, We Are Here Movement and Arms Around the Child


Leigh brought in three key co-founders, Ellie Milner, Ann Gilbertson Haggart, and Rashida Robinson to launch Fund a Mom and start a global movement with a collective intention to further prove that empowerment directed to women works.  Security, confidence and the notion that someone cares changes everything for a Mom with little means of support and children to raise